Yale University Herbarium, Peabody Museum of Natural History (Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History-YU) (YU)

Founded in 1864 by Daniel Cady Eaton from his personal library and plant collection, the Yale Herbarium is an internationally recognized repository with holdings of approximately 350,000 specimens from throughout the world. There are an estimated 5,000 type specimens. The collection is particularly rich in ferns, bryophytes and grasses, as well as in historically important materials from the early botanical collectors. In addition, it was the herbarium of record for the flora of southern New England from 1864 until 1955, when that function passed to the University of Connecticut at Storrs.
Contactos: Patrick W. Sweeney, patrick.sweeney@yale.edu
Tipo de Colección: Preserved Specimens
Administración: Instantánea de datos de un base de datos local
última Actualización: 4 February 2020
Metadata Digital: EML File
Propietario de Derechos: Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History
Derechos de Acceso: Open Access, http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/; see Yale Peabody policies at: http://hdl.handle.net/10079/8931zqj
Estadísticas de Colección
  • 8,594 registros de especímenes
  • 3,768 (44%) georeferenciado
  • 8,594 (100%) con imágenes (8,594 imágenes en total)
  • 7,964 (93%) identificado a las especies
  • 137 familias
  • 788 géneros
  • 2,782 especies
  • 2,956 total taxa (including subsp. and var.)
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