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Taxa: Bidens pilosa
Criterios de Búsqueda: Lat between 28.95042 and 29.28670; Long between -110.36259 and -110.02590; Only include occurrences with coordinates; excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Arizona State University Vascular Plant Herbarium

Barbara Fassuliotis Rogers   251990-09-10
USA, Arizona, Santa Cruz, Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Sanctuary; along Sonoita Creek, less than 1 mile south of Patagonia; along the nature trail by the visitor entrance gate, 31.5311 -110.766, 1219m

Elinor Lehto   171821970-09-19
USA, Arizona, Santa Cruz, Pena Blanca Lake, 31.4092 -111.085

David J. Keil   K-110971975-09-06
USA, Arizona, Santa Cruz, Just oW of I-19 on AZ Rte 289, Ruby Rd, 31.4611 -111.237, 1036m

Elinor Lehto   L-205251976-09-11
USA, Arizona, Cochise County, Coronado National Forest Rd #48, at Wakefield Mine Road, 31.4 -110.333

David J. Keil   K-110471975-09-06
USA, Arizona, Santa Cruz, 7 mi west of jct with I-19 on AZ 289, Ruby Rd, at entrance to WH Clarke Ranch, 31.39 -111.07, 1128m

David J. Keil   K-110581975-09-06
USA, Arizona, Santa Cruz, N outskirts of Carmen, 31.5872 -111.052, 914m

Elinor Lehto   L-204951976-09-09
USA, Arizona, Pima County, Road between Continental and Greaterville; 6.7 mi east of Jct to Madera Canyon, 31.7639 -110.749

Marc A. Baker   134751999-08-28
USA, Arizona, Cochise County, Miller Peak Quadrangle; Bear Canyon, 3k WSW of Sutherland Peak, 1.7 k southeast of Lone Mountain; south of main road, ca 100m west of road to Bear Canyon, 31.3667 -110.35, 1675m

ASU0010443J. A. Encina   7892001-08-18
Mexico, Coahuila, Mpio. de Saltillo. Sierra de Zapaliname, cañon al norte de Lomas de Lourdes., 25.4528 -101.053, 2093m

ASU0010468David Keil   156261981-09-18
Mexico, Jalisco, Ajijic, on the North shore of Lake Chapala., 20.3 -103.283333

ASU0010450T. R. & R. K. Van Devender   93-801993-03-10
Mexico, Sonora, Rio Cuchujaqui near junction with Arroyo El Mentidero, 12.5 km (by air) south of Alamos., 27.0528 -108.931, 240m

ASU0010469David Keil   155791981-09-16
Mexico, Oaxaca, 13.1 mi S of Cuicatlan on MEX Rte 131., 17.644283 -96.913452, 914m

Liz Makings   3815a2011-09-17
USA, Arizona, Cochise County, Fort Huachuca, middle Garden Canyon above pick-nick area, 31.47 -110.34, 1600m

ASU0006017L. Ferraro   41411992-06-12
Argentina, San Luis, Dep. La Capital. Camino a Potrero de los Funes, inmediaciones de la quebrada de los Condores., -33.30222 -66.336798

ASU0089996Dustin Wolkis   7302014-09-13
USA, Arizona, Cochise, Scotia Springs Cienega, Huachuca Mountains, 31.453608 -110.399333, 1340m

Brigham Young University, S. L. Welsh Herbarium

614735Wayne D. Longbottom   130182009-11-27
USA, Maryland, Caroline, Town of Federalsburg, MD Rt 313-MD Rt. 318, Fedralsburg Highway, west of Main Street, growing along N side of road., 38.68311 -75.77702

BRIT Philecology Herbarium

BRIT478715Gaoligong Shan Biodiversity Survey   334522006-08-16
China, Yunnan, Gongshan, County Level: Zizhixian. Town Level: Xiang. Town: Puladi. Qida Cun, in the vicinity of Xiyuegu along the Xiyuege He, ca. 13.6 direct km SE of Gongshan on the W side of the Nujiang., 27.6376 98.7278, 1420m

California State University, Long Beach Herbarium

987P. C. Baker   51031965-02-10
United States, California, Los Angeles County, on Pomona College Campus, Claremont., 34.097183 -117.711665, 366m

Carnegie Museum of Natural History Herbarium

CM227933Wolle, J.   s.n.1847-02-00
Jamaica, Lititz, 17.91666667 -77.6

CM257450Wolle, J.   s.n.1847-09-00
Jamaica, Bethany, 18.3 -77.36666667

CM265933None   2361924-05-25
India, Kotagiri, 11.421731 76.863961

CM295842Thompson, S.A.   8451983-07-19
Ecuador, Carchi, Chical, along Rio San Juan, 0.933333333 -78.18333333, 1200 - 1250m

CM295855Thompson, S.A.   8691983-07-23
Ecuador, Carchi, Chical, 0.933333333 -78.18333333, 1200 - 1250m

CM339831Thompson, S.A.   57651988-12-29
Malawi, Chitipa District, 18 km SSE of Chisenga, Jembya Forest Reserve, -10.13333333 33.45, 1870m

CM340760Rawlins, J.E.   5281988-05-16
Taiwan, Kaohsiung, Shanping, 22.967399 120.685707, 640m

CM505235Mwangulango, N.A.   9402002-06-03
Tanzania, Rukwa, Mpanda District, Katavi-Rukwa protected areas, Ufipa Escarpment, Mongwe River, -7.014444444 30.99305556, 990m

CM508220Kayombo, C.J.   3221989-03-18
Tanzania, Iringa, Mufindi District, Igowole, -8.516666667 35.16666667, 1850m

CM510691Thompson, S.A.   92871991-09-30
Dominican Republic, Independencia, 3 km ESE of El Aguacate, N slope of Sierra de Baoruco, 18.3 -71.7, 1980m

CM519366Wolle, J.   s.n.1847-01-00
Jamaica, Lititz, 17.94293 -77.574296

Central Michigan University

CMC00016751Don Trew   T302000-01-26
United States, Florida, Hardee, Zolfo Springs., 27.49915 -81.828933

Clifton Smith Herbarium, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

60899H. M. Pollard   1944-07-03
United States, California, Ventura, Ojai, 34.448 -119.242

55874C. Kuizenga   241984-03-11
United States, California, Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez Mtns:; Cate School, immediate borders of Cate Mesa Rd, 34.405 -119.479

60901M. N. Ackley   2291928-02-12
United States, California, Los Angeles, Eaton Wash, 34.192 -118.1045

60894R. Hoffmann   1927-11-26
United States, California, Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez Mtns:; Mission Ridge, 34.442 -119.701

112978K. McEachern   2231993-11-10
United States, California, San Diego, Cabrillo National Monument; Point Loma, between parking lot at park headquarters and maintenance driveway, 32.67605 -117.243

21181E. R. Chandler   15031964-04-30
United States, California, Ventura, Los Padres National Forest; ca. 3.7 mi above Wheeler Gorge Public Camp, near Hwy 399, 34.5331 -119.2616

41423H. M. Pollard   1964-09-27
United States, California, Santa Barbara, Figueroa St, between Chapala and DeLaVina Streets; Santa Barbara, 34.4213 -119.7043

40567H. M. Pollard   1958-11-27
United States, California, Ventura, California St, near Front St; Ventura, 34.2768 -119.2966

43732H. M. Pollard   1971-11-10
United States, California, Ventura, Main St, near Palm St intersection; Ventura, 34.2817 -119.3051

7803C. F. Smith   341943-09-02
United States, California, Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez Mtns:; Mission Cyn Rd; Santa Barbara, 34.457 -119.709

89063C. F. Smith   9341944-06-15
United States, California, Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez Mtns:; ca. 1 block up Tunnel Rd from jct with Mission Cyn Rd, 34.45 -119.7103

60900R. Hoffmann   1928-05-27
United States, California, Santa Barbara, Stanley Park; Carpinteria, 34.3985 -119.4525

46132H. M. Pollard   1972-11-28
United States, California, Ventura, Maricopa Rd (St Hwy 33), between Ojai and Meiners Oaks, 34.446 -119.269

116327R. Burgess, P. Munro   37282000-04-01
United States, California, Ventura, NW side of Sulphur Mtn, Sulphur Mtn Rd, vicinity of Clark Ranch Rd, 34.4106 -119.2432

60895R. Hoffmann   1927-05-21
United States, California, Ventura, Sespe Cyn, Fillmore, 34.4583 -118.927

7804C. F. Smith   1901943-10-02
United States, California, Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez Mtns:; Mission Cyn Rd, Mission Cyn, 34.457 -119.709

116243R. Burgess, P. Munro   41982000-09-05
United States, California, Ventura, vicinity of E Main St and Arundell Ave; Ventura, 34.2638 -119.2425

36268R. Burgess, P. Munro   49612001-09-15
United States, California, Ventura, S side of Ventura River mouth, 34.277 -119.3076

116271R. Burgess, P. Munro   36111999-10-15
United States, California, Ventura, S side of Main St in the vicinity of Donlon Plaza; Ventura, 34.2624 -119.2349

38025R. Burgess, P. Munro   49732001-09-19
United States, California, Ventura, El Rio, fences along strawberry fields, Detroit Drive, 34.238 -119.1725

121156R. Burgess, P. Munro   49732001-09-19
United States, California, Ventura, fences along strawberry fields, Detroit Drive, El Rio; Oxnard, 34.238 -119.1725

128164J. Sankey, C. Walden, S. Hill   AH1062010-05-02
United States, California, Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez Mtns:; upper Outlaw Trail 8 m up from crk crossing; Arroyo Hondo Preserve, 34.48577 -120.13986, 55m

132710R. Burgess, B. Meiners, P. Munro   90132011-11-11
United States, California, Ventura, Ventura River/Rancho del Nido Preserve, Wills Cyn, Ojai Valley, 34.45139 -119.31343

140143C. Matt Guilliams   38502018-03-08
USA, California, Santa Barbara, Tunnel trail, adjacent to trail, 34.46697 -119.71117, 333m

Cochise County Herbarium - Arizona State University

M. Kamp   9702011-09-02
USA, Arizona, Cochise, Mule Mountains, Warren section of Bisbee. 305 Mill Road., 31.37 -109.89

Delaware State University, Claude E. Phillips Herbarium

DOV0004385Wayne D. Longbottom   130182009-11-27
United States, Maryland, Caroline, Town of Federalsburg, MD Rt 313-MD Rt. 318, Fedralsburg Highway, W of Main Street,, 38.683111 -75.777028

Desert Botanical Garden Herbarium

DES00038832W. A. Sparks   161976-09-05
USA, New Mexico, Grant County, Two miles West of Central townsite, 32.779722 -108.181944, 1784m

DES00038834D. A. Zimmerman   29871985-10-31
USA, New Mexico, Grant County, Mimbres River Valley north of Dwyer, 32.628056 -107.864722

DES00038833A. Cordova   1965-09-16
USA, New Mexico, Grant County, Silver City, 32.775 -108.275278, 1808m

DES00033163Robert Bye   45851973-08-05
Mexico, Chihuahua, Mpio. De Batopilas, West side of Arroyo Samachique, between Huimivo and mouth of arroyo with Rio Batopilas, 27.025278 -107.743056, 762 - 915m

DES00033143Robert Bye   5638b1973-10-28
Mexico, Chihuahua, Mpio. De Batopilas, South of Quirire, in pine-oak forest on North side of Barranca de Batopilas, 27.025278 -107.743056, 1951m

DES00033161Robert Bye   48341973-08-31
Mexico, Chihuahua, Mpio. De Guachochic. Just N. of Las Cabanas, S of Cusarare, 27.616667 -107.533333, 2134m

DES00068784Liz Makings   37982011-09-17
USA, Arizona, Cochise County, Fort Huachuca, slopes of Huachuca Mountains at the foot of Garden Canyon, 31.5 -110.31, 1130m

DES00074586S. Smith   1062012-09-16
USA, Arizona, Yavapai County, Grapevine Canyon approx 4 miles N.W. of Mayer. 1.18 miles up canyon from trail 4 trailhead on FR87A., 34.424083 -112.323278, 1790m

DES00086075Wendy C. Hodgson   185692004-10-08
USA, Arizona, Cochise County, Arizona National Scenic Trail trailhead, Parker Canyon., 31.419333 -110.4423, 1700m

E.L. Reed Herbarium at Texas Tech University

TTC008156J. Flores Crespo   1911967-11-06
Mexico, Morelos, 18.933725 -99.228488

TTC008157F. Giovannini   1967-11-03
Mexico, Puebla, 19.891862 -97.568631

TTC008158A. Rebolledo Velez   1967-08-20
Mexico, Mexico, 19.511575 -98.883743

TTC008159J. Flores Crespo   1511967-10-25
Mexico, Morelos, 21.599716 -98.421222

Emory University Herbarium

20756Karen Bell   KLB 3332014-08-29
United States of America, Georgia, DeKalb County, Houston Mill Road, Druid Hills, Atlanta, 33.8042 -84.322242

7376Robert F. Thorne; W. C. Muenscher   180011947-03-10
United States of America, Florida, Monroe County, Vaca Key, 24.719272 -81.073737

Georgia Southwestern State University Herbarium

00001181Robert A. Norris   63811991-10-04
USA, Georgia, Sumter, W side of State Hwy 118, downtown Leslie, Sumter Co. GA. Not far from Seaboard Coastline Railway., 31.955168 -84.086443

Herbario de la Universidad Autónoma de Baja California

10523J. Rebman   57781998-10-29
México, Baja California Sur, Sierra de la Laguna, NE of Todos Santos; vicinity of Valle La Laguna at top of the Sierra; NE of Cañon La Burrera and Rancho Corral Grande., 23.55 -109.966667

Herbario de la Universidad de Sonora

9077T.R. Van Devender   98-13541998-09-18
MÉXICO, SONORA, Yécora, 1.4 Km (by air) east-southeast of Yecora 28°21'48 N, 108°54'27 W; 1660 m.s.n.m., 28.363333 -108.9075

16934David A. Delgado Z.   2011-1572011-08-19
MÉXICO, SONORA, Imuris, Rancho El Aribabi, Municipio de Imuris, Sonora, México. Camino hacia el Arroyo Las Palomas. Arroyo que cruza por el camino. 30°49'32.4 N, 110°34'06.7 W; 1398 m.s.n.m., 30.825667 -110.568528

Herbario del Estado de Zacatecas

522E.J. Rodríguez-Pérez   14272015-00-00
MÉXICO, ZACATECAS, Cerro La Virgen, 22.751667 -102.573611

Illinois Natural History Survey

Bidens pilosa Linnaeus
A.R. Diamond   204362008-11-09
United States, Alabama, Covington, Florala. Alabama Highway 55 just west of 7th. Street. 31?Á 0' 25.3" North Latitude; -86?Á 19' 51.8" West Longitude., 31.007028 -86.331056, 81m

Steven R. Hill   376742007-10-06
United States, Illinois, Champaign, Eddie Albert Gardens, Dodds Park, Parkland Way between Parkland College and north Mattis Avenue, Champaign. Rented garden plot. Coordinate Datum: WGS84/NAD83., 40.13422 -88.28027, 232m

Alvin R. Diamond   235842012-12-09
United States, Alabama, Houston, Dothan. Intersection of Reeveäó»s Street and Speigner Street., 31.24525 -85.392167

Indiana University Herbarium (Deam Herbarium)

IND-0122571Ralph E. Cleland   s.n.1936-06-06
Jamaica, Chester Vale to Clydesdale, 18.049041 -76.668727, 975m

IND-0122570Anil Sadgopal   s.n.1959-12-00
India, New Delhi Ridge, New Delhi, 28.680315 77.216181, 204m

IND-0122569Charles B. Heiser, Jr.   36491953-10-19
Costa Rica, Cartago, on grounds of Inter-American Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Turrialba, 9.887417 -83.654337, 600m

IND-0122568Ted R. Bradley   34221966-08-21
United States, South Carolina, Beaufort, 0.5 mile north of SC 170 off US 21 in Beaufort, 32.442531 -80.70502

IND-0122567Otto Degener   349881980-03-27
United States, Hawaii, Hawaii, Pahala, Kau, 19.202603 -155.478112

IND-0122566Mary Patricia Coons   19571980-08-01
United States, Florida, Miami Dade, Miami. Fairchild Tropical Garden, Plot 202. Everglades area., 25.677093 -80.27249

IND-0122565Charles C. Deam   575481937-01-30
United States, Florida, Osceola, State Road 24 about 3 miles SE. of Kissimmee, 28.289262 -81.359106

IND-0122564Charles C. Deam   607461941-02-13
United States, Florida, Lee, about 10 miles southwest of Fort Myers, 26.506019 -81.943676

IND-0122563Charles C. Deam   657581949-02-01
United States, Florida, Collier, toward Marco Island about 2 miles west of Royal Palm Hammock, 26.011076 -81.617207

Intermountain Herbarium (Utah State University)

UTC00267292Mark A. Elvin   30142003-08-24
United States, California, San Diego, Encinita, junction I-5 and Encinitas Blvd. (Encinitas 7.5' Q), 33.0255 -117.1718, 28m

Louisiana State University, Shirley C. Tucker Herbarium

LSU:Vascular Plants
LSU00123022Stephanie M. Gunn-Zumo   DB-4242006-05-24
United States, Mississippi, Jackson, Gulf Islands National Seashore, Davis Bayou. Bayhead swamp just east of picnic area along edges of Stark Bayou., 30.3996 -88.792

LSU:Vascular Plants
LSU00122047Stephanie M. Gunn-Zumo   SRI-1212006-05-09
United States, Florida, Escambia, Gulf Islands National Seashore, Santa Rosa Island Unit: Dead slash pine wet swales on east end of Unit along edges of Santa Rosa Sound., 30.3744 -86.9241

LSU:Vascular Plants
LSU00123416Stephanie M. Gunn-Zumo   FP-632005-04-28
United States, Florida, Escambia, Gulf Islands National Seashore, Fort Pickens Unit. Campsite near middle of gated dirt road that runs northwest to Blackbird Marsh Nature Trail., 30.3208 -87.2675

LSU:Vascular Plants
LSU00123738Stephanie M. Gunn-Zumo   NLO-442005-04-26
United States, Florida, Santa Rosa, Gulf Islands National Seashore, Naval Live Oaks Unit. South side of Reservation Road including the area just outside the gated entrance to Beaver Pond Trail and father east along the road to the vicinity of Beaver pond., 30.3806 -87.1292

LSU:Vascular Plants
LSU00125144Stephanie M. Gunn   CH-62005-04-08
United States, Louisiana, Saint Bernard, Jean Lafitte National Park and Preserve, Chalmette Battlefield Unit; Batture area along the southwestern corner of the Unit boundaries adjacent to the Mississippi River., 29.94 -89.9944

LSU:Vascular Plants
LSU00125717Diane M. Ferguson   B-15892004-10-29
United States, Louisiana, Jefferson, Near the end of LA 301. Jean Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve, Jefferson Parish., 29.7436 -90.1386

LSU:Vascular Plants
LSU00125748Diane M. Ferguson   B-15892004-10-29
United States, Louisiana, Jefferson, Near the end of LA 301. Jean Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve, Jefferson Parish., 29.7436 -90.1386

LSU:Vascular Plants
LSU00125754Diane M. Ferguson   B-15892004-10-29
United States, Louisiana, Jefferson, Near the end of LA 301. Jean Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve, Jefferson Parish., 29.7436 -90.1386

LSU:Vascular Plants
LSU00125996Stephanie M. Gunn-Zumo   FBAR-492005-04-29
United States, Florida, Escambia, Gulf Islands National Seashore, Fort Barrancas & Advanced Redoubt Unit. Entrance along bricks into fort and into grassy area in interior of fort., 30.3481 -87.2975

LSU:Vascular Plants
LSU00126518Stephanie M. Gunn-Zumo   OKL-372005-04-25
United States, Florida, Okaloosa, Gulf Islands National Seashore, Okaloosa Unit. Shoreline beach east of Unit bathrooms and north of parking lot approaching Eglin Air Force Base boundary., 30.3961 -86.5783

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Herbarium

SEL005790Calaway H. Dodson   48231978-09-17
United States, Florida, Manatee, Along Myakka River in Section 32. 1 mile north of Myakka State Park, 300 m from end of river road., 27.302838 -82.234126, 5m

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